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Monday 23 November 2020

Monday's Long Songs

Duncan Gray has been responsible for many Andrew Weatherall and ALFOS approved pieces of music in the recent past, plenty of slo- mo, trippy chuggers with lovely grinding basslines and a dark heart. The latest is a tribute to Gong/ System 7/ solo artist Steve Hillage, nine and a half minutes of slow paced psychedelic magick. Bandcamp have Danucan's Steve Killage to listen to and to buy here. A much better way to spend Monday morning than getting in your car in the dark and going to work. 

Even longer, twice the length in fact, is this Plastikman remix of System 7's Alpha Wave from 1995, Richie Hawtin sending everyone and everything into a state of hyper- realised acid techno mania. The build up for the first ten minutes is just absurd, endlessly building higher and higher, relentless stroboscopic action. There's a breakdown in the eleventh minute that makes you wait and wait, anticipating the inevitable, exhilarating rush of re- entry, which eventually starts to happen sometime around fourteen minutes before the dam bursts. 

Alpha Wave (Plastikman Acid House Mix)

Today is our eldest Isaac's birthday, he turns twenty two. He'll be spending it in lockdown and still being shielded, as he has been since March. Some presents and cards, some neihgbours passing by the front of the house, a couple of Zoom parties, a drive through for lunch and a takeaway for tea. Happy birthday Isaac. 


drew said...

Happy birthday Isaac, have a great day.

One of my favourite remixes ever that is.

The Swede said...

Bangin' tune. Happy birthday Issac!

Jase said...

What drew said.

Jake Sniper said...

Happy Birthday Isaa, hope your having a great day. Top tune as well.

Echorich said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Hope it was a wonderful day!

Khayem said...

A belated happy birthday to Isaac, I hope he had a fabulous day.

Great tune, one of my favourite Richie Hawtin excursions.