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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Unwillingly Mine

A Bunnymen bonus for Saturday, a cover of The Killing Moon by Australian band Something For Kate, remixed by fellow Melbourne man T- Rek. Something For Kate released it as the third song on a 2006 CD single and T- Rek added the dub disco groove having already mixed the band's cover. Nine minutes of slinky, slow motion Bunnygroove, pushed ever onwards by a post- punk bassline, lovely synth stabs, plenty of echo, all deliciously full of icy gloom. One for spinning round the kitchen to as lockdown kicks in. 

The Killing Moon (T- Rek's Desert Disco Dub Mix)


Echorich said...

That bass and arpeggiated sounding guitar are massive!!! Goth Disco perfection!!

Jez said...

This, sir, is properly great.