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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday Mash Up

Mark Vidler, in his Go Home Productions guise, proves that a mash up of Shannon's peerless Let The Music Play and The Stones' equally peerless Gimme Shelter go together as well as bacon and eggs on a Saturday morning. Jim Morrison turns up at the start to provide the fried tomato (liked by some, loathed by others). Stoned. Immaculate. Fried mushrooms.

Shannon Stone


Anonymous said...

genius record

george said...

Actually, this is not that bad.

Luca said...

Shannon Stone is great. I spotted the reference to Dub Syndicate's Stoned Immaculate album. One of my fave from On-U Sound. I'll have to hide the album cover from my daughter when she grows up.

drew said...

That is very very good. Cheers SA.