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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Russian Rain Is Beating Down My Neck

This post is part of my ongoing project to gather all the different 12" mixes of Big Audio Dynamite songs- I've got a good proportion of them on vinyl and more in mp3 form. V Thirteen was a cracking song from their slightly under-rated second lp, with a really good Mick vocal and lovely guitar chords over that drum machine. BAD 12" versions tend to either stretch the whole song out or play the 7" mix, fade briefly and then reprise with an instrumental wigout for four or five minutes. This one takes the latter approach. V Thirteen. V good.

V Thirteen (12" Mix)


Charity Chic said...

It's atough job Adam, but someone's gotta do it!

Walter said...

V good - indeed.

Echorich said...

No. 10 Upping Street is certainly an underrated album as you say Adam! With input from Joe Strummer, the album felt very much like the sound of what The Clash could have accomplished mid decade. That said, it is very much a Mick Jones album. Jones' storytelling skills are in full effect on V-Thirteen -- it's as strong as Stay Free from Give Em Enough Rope (waiting for the hate mail on that statement).

Cynical Farmer said...

BAD is Good.

Also listening to Locusts and Honey. Nice.