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Friday, 29 November 2013

Snubbed Four

An ace New Order interview just after the release of Technique with a very fresh faced Bernard, a less fresh faced Hooky and Stephen. Vaguely stroppy throughout regarding Top Of The Pops, videos, the re-release of Atmosphere, marketing Ian Curtis and a certain Irish frontman...'It's all pretty hypocritical and it's a false ideology, I mean U2 are supposed to be Christians right and a big Christian belief is that thou shall not become a false messiah, right, and that Bongo guy, right, he's having a good stab at it isn't he?'


anto said...

went to see hooky and the light last week in dublin. the look of the average geezer in't crowd was walter white. the music was transcendent inc. all of movement

Swiss Adam said...

That's interesting Anto- someone I know saw them in MCR and said they were awful.