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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You've Got Your Red Jeans On

I love this King Creosote song- from its accordion intro to its xylophone solo, and the little details fleshed out in the lyrics- the red jeans, leaving bootprints on lawns, the girl he fell for... It's got a video too, which I didn't know about until the night before last.

I had a niggling feeling about this post so I checked- I've posted this song before, in September 2011, with the same title as well. So here is My Favourite Girl instead (which is gorgeous and romantic) and as Drew pointed out last week, it's not often you can play a song and say 'just wait til you hear the accordion on this'.

My Favourite Girl


george said...

You can't beat a bit of accordion. I really should get that Portuguese accordion out.

drew said...

V=Never seen the video before. I think she is quite lovely

Swiss Adam said...


phil spector said...

King Creosote is magic.

That's all.