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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday Night Live

Mr Justin Robertson in fine form at the Warehouse Party, a short bus ride from here, for all your Saturday night dancing needs.


Pink Skull - Frottage Industry
Panama Disco Lights - The Mood I'm In (Rodion Nero Dub)
Los Pastores - Thank You Porvenir (Luke Solomon Remix)
Prins Thomas - Sat Klae
Nadia Ksaiba - Virtual Lover (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Remain - Noses, Claudine and Horses
Tarjei Nygard - Hardkokt
Sanfuentes - Heatwave (Acid Dub)
DJs Pareja and Philip Gorbachev - Verish
Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s - Summon The Primitive
Los Mekanikos - Sentimiento
Dense and Pika - Backstage Mute
Shadowdancer - Hydrate (Photonz Remix)
Alejandro Paz - Duro (Diegors Dub)
V.M.R. - Bowie (Eskimo Twins Remix)
Canyon Cosmos - Fear of Plastic (Pilooski Edit)
Cheval Sombre - Couldn't Do (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix)

When that finishes you can switch straight to this three hour live set by Daniel Avery at The Boiler Room (Avery pointed out on Twitter last night that the comments he received were hilarious- 'not much of a dj set if there is no mixing or dance music? Got any sick drops?'). Free Soundcloud download here.

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