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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Angels On My Shoulder

Keeping the Bunnymen theme going this is a cover of their greatest B- side, the kind of song most bands would kill to have written- Ian, Will, Les and Pete channelling the Velvets, covered here by French beatnik husband and wife duo The Liminanas. Renaud and Nika's version of Angels And Devils was released in 2017 originally and then again on their 2018 B-sides and rarities compilation I've Got Trouble In Mind Volume 2. The organ, sitar/ guitar, Mo Tucker drums and male/ female vocals are absolutely spot on and while they haven't really reinterpreted the song- it's a very faithful cover version- it's the spirit of Bill Drummond's bunny god reborn and exactly what you didn't know you wanted. 

Angels And Devils


Khayem said...

What a great version of a great song. I'm quite a newcomer to The Limiñanas, but I like what I've heard so far and will dig deeper.

Echorich said...

The Limiñanas certainly know a good son when they hear it.
Angels And Devils was a gift to any 80s guitar band that need a template for how to write a great song. I still feel it should have been the closing track to side one of Ocean Rain.

Anonymous said...

As you are on Bunnymen 'B' sides I always loved 'Fuel', I think it's up there with 'Zimbo'. A plaintive Ian, a marimba, spacious and dubby. An area that the Bunnymen never really pursued.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes SRC, Fuel is a good one, quite unique sounding in their back catalogue.