Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday 11 October 2020



From a 2017 e.p. by Swedish outfit Fontan, released in advance of their appearance at Andrew Weatherall's annual Convenanza festival in south west France, this remix by fellow Swede Mythologen is a throbbing, propulsive, six minute slice of upbeat, psyche- kraut. Starts with noise, a stuttering helicopter coming in to land coming in to land and then an urgent motorik beat. Organ plays around over the top, synthesizers adding texture and melody. Single minded fun. 

Bardo (Mythologen Remix)


drew said...

that's a great ep that remixes one

Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

"One step further and I would have been there
I could have taken one step further
One step further and I would've been there....
One step/One step/ONE STEP !"

Oh it isn't...?

*gets coat*