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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Weatherall Halloween Mix


A Halloween special. Back in 2011 Andrew Weatherall recorded a mix for Halloween, an hour of rockabilly, garage rock, psyche and horror themed rock 'n' roll with the likes of Gin Gillette and Ronnie Cook and The Gaylads. I was reminded of it earlier in a conversation on social media and thought you might like it. Light your lanterns, put your pumpkins in the window and press play. You can download it below or play it at Mixcloud here.

Andrew Weatherall Mulletover Halloween Mix 2011


Nick L said...

This is fantastic, thanks for digging it out and posting. Similar in feel to the Sci-Fi Lo-Fi comp in some ways, and Weatherall is excellent on curating these kinds of tunes.

Khayem said...

Excellent choice. You're spoiling us with two posts in one day.