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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Take It Way Down Low

'1987/ All I wanna Do Is Fly...' sings Jason Spaceman on Come Down Easy, a blues lament/ ode to altered states and the aftermath (based on the gospel/ blues standard In My Time Of Dying, a song purloined by Dylan and Zeppelin before them). This version, the demo, is on the Forged Prescription album that pulls together alternate versions and takes of the songs that made up Spacemen 3's The Perfect Prescription. Over a circular acoustic guitar sequence, the blues played in Rugby, Jason splicing gospel into a late 80s psychedelia, there's some lovely wobbly sounds, and a spindly guitar line occasionally audible. In the third verse Jason goes full on and psyched out with the line 'Meet me children meet me/ Meet me at the top of the sky' and then after promises to shake it and feeling alright he wants to 'take it way down low'. The full trip. 

Come Down Easy (Forged Prescriptions Demo Version) 

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