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Friday, 27 September 2013

Car Song

I'm foregoing the rockabilly tonight. I just got in a while back having spent an hour and a half standing on the hard shoulder of the M60 with a VW Polo that went kaput while joining it from the M61. I was towed home eventually and now have the hassle and cost of trying to get it diagnosed or fixed tomorrow. Bollocks to it.

This song is from 1995 by thieving magpies and indie heart throbs Elastica, in which they make cars sound a whole lot sexier than watching them from behind the barrier on the M60 is. As for the video, I have no idea.


davyh said...

Forgoeing the rockabilly makes it a serious matter, I hope by now a Friday libation or three has eased things a tad.

Cynical Farmer said...

I miss the rockabilly, but the video almost makes up for it.