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Monday, 9 September 2013

Where Did You Go?

There were slim pickings in Britpop if you were looking for good music. Too many derivative sing songs that were effective but not really much cop. I've always had a soft spot for this though- Slight Return by The Bluetones. The Rickenbacker guitars sound cool, all jangle with the right amount of fuzz, the vocals are good and the song just floats. It does seem to be a re-write of 'lost' Stone Roses song Where Angels Play, but it's a good re-write.

Slight Return


George said...

I've got this single on an off-centre pressing! Hopefully this will sound a bit less woozy/hazy

George said...


..and how about this??? (ever heard it before?)

londonlee said...

I recognize that painting: Patrick Caulfield

Swiss Adam said...

George- new to me, sounds good, Crampsy.

LL- A week of Caulfield coming up.

davyh said...

Yes, count me in amongst the 'Bluetones aged well' posse too.