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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Torch

This documentary was on BBC2 the other night, a very good look at the Northern Soul scene, plenty of people young and old flying the flag and, yes, keeping the faith.


Anonymous said...

the wife got v excited about this and tried to get me to watch. i went to bed.


drew said...

It was very good. Got me itching to dust down the Gola holdall and get to an allniter, alas I fear that I am too out of shape to last more than a couple of hours. I will content myself with dancing around my dining room to my records

Adrian said...

It really was superb, far too short at half an hour. What came across was how much they were into it for the music. It reminded my of 88-90 at Temperance Night at the Hacienda. What impressed me was how these guys had still kept on loving those tunes. Plus some quality tunes and styles!