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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saturday Night Live

New Order live in Barcelona from 1984, audio only but what a great performance and superb sound quality straight from the mixing desk. It's also an almost perfect circa 84 setlist, including Your Silent Face, Lonesome Tonight, Ceremony, a rare appearance for Skullcrusher, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday and Everything's Gone Green. Here are the young men (and woman).


Anonymous said...

Some unscrupulous person might download this and edit it into the individual tracks. Shame on them.

Echorich said...

Wow! When I heard "Green..." it just took me back 29 years!! Well 30 and 28 as they didn't hit The States in 84 but did the famous 2am Paradise Garage gig in the summer of 83 and then the equally amazing Felt Forum gig in 85... That latter gig is one of my all time favorites as the Union rules stated the band had to be off the stage by 11pm or it would cost a hour's overtime for every 20 minutes. So the gig ended at 10:50pm and the house lights went up. The crowd started for the doors and the roadies came out on stage...well they didn't really remove anything and suddenly the band came back out and played another 20 minutes with the house lights up and the crowd rushing back toward the stage...My friends and I were so close to the stage we could tell something was up and stayed planted in our spot. Simply Brilliant that was!

Swiss Adam said...

Great story Echorich.