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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Time To Make You Mine

Credit where it's due- I was reminded of this by reader and citizen of Salford Paul Bob Horrocks and it's a stunning way to start Sunday. Rochdale's Lisa Stansfield remixed by Battersea's The Orb- ten minutes of ambient soul with a large portion of dub, beautifully smooth, slinky and chunky. Also quotes from Pink Floyd.

Time To Make You Mine (In My Dreams Mix)


Walter said...

Right - a perfect way to start a lazy sunday. Enjoy the day SA

Artog said...

Visiting my parents I overheard my dad talking to one of his friends:
Dad: But John, we're not Mancunians...
John: (Inaudible, but presumably something along the lines of "Well what are you then?")
Dad: Well, I regard myself as a Salfordian.

Swiss Adam said...

Its an important distinction. When Tony Wilson (Salfordian) introduced Joy Division on his tv show he made the same point.