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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Clash Dub (Reprise)

Sorry if you're getting bored of The Clash but....

I've been enjoying The Clash's dub tracks a lot recently. By 1979 they had got the hang of playing something pretty close to 'proper dub'. Not just the punky reggae of Police And Thieves or Pressure Drop but a real appreciation of the space and technique required. Paul had mastered the basslines and the feel, Topper could play anything asked of him and when they hooked up with Mikey Dread they got some authentic Jamaican input. Mikey Dread performed live with the band on many occasions and did his dubwise versions on several single releases as well on Sandinista (most of side 6). The single Hitsville UK, Mick's tribute to the UK's independent record labels, was backed by six and half minutes of lovely dubbed out playing with Mikey toasting...

Radio One

And there's a bonus offcut too- not sure this appears on any official releases (mine's off the This Is Dub Clash bootleg).

Radio One (Reprise)

You can't beat a duffle coat either.


Anonymous said...

You can never have enough Clash in your life. Bankrobber on 7" is a prized record in my "John Peel rescue in a fire" box.


Simon said...

Luvverly jubberly. Or dubberly if you prefer.

bossman said...

Very nice, this has inspired me to put together a Clash In Dub tape, old school mix tape style.