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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I've Read It In Books

Nice aren't they? This is The Teardrop Explodes (co-written with The Bunnymen, when they all got on. Hated each other but got on).

Books (Zoo Records Version)


Echorich said...

A brilliant moment in Post Punk history! Both bands took the song to very different places. TTE version is urgent and excited. EATB version is dark, brooding and suspicious.
Maybe the different versions reflect where each frontman was at the time.
The tribal drumming on this version is very interesting as well.

Swiss Adam said...

EATB version is my preferred. Think there's a peel Session one too.

davyh said...

Love how 'The Queen Is Dead' and 'Death At One's Elbow' are blue Penguins(reference/non-fiction)

Swiss Adam said...

I hadn't noticed that Davy. Good spot.