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Monday, 21 October 2013

At The Age Of Ten She Looked Like Greta Garbo

I am developing an unfortunate habit of missing gigs I'd like to go to. This Friday Lloyd Cole is playing Sale's Waterside Arts Centre, a ten minute walk from my house- it is also Mrs Swiss's birthday and I'm not sure it's how she sees her birthday night going. Two Saturdays ago The Orb did their 25th Anniversary thing while I was in Sheffield. The last two Easter holidays away I've missed the reformed Big Audio Dynamite, the reformed House Of Love and Steve Mason. I missed Crocodiles a while back for lack of a babysitter. Roddy Frame passed through I couldn't attend.

I've always loved the first two Lloyd Cole And The Commotions albums, and some of the third as well. Perfect Skin is the obvious choice so I'm going with it; a perfect, wordy, jingly jangly mid 80s record with all those lines we all love- Louise with her perfect skin, cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin, Cosmopolitan magazine, basement flats and Greta Garbo.

Perfect Skin


davyh said...

He's very good at these intimate gigs - when I saw him at the Jazz Cafe a couple of years ago we were four feet in front of him and it was all quite emotional, since many of his songs have been the Songs Of Our Lives. If not Mrs Swiss's birthday then perhaps another time?

Walter said...

Why don't you invite Mrs. Swiss to the gig?

Swiss Adam said...

Good advice both of you. She isn't that big a fan. And is having a party the night after.

Scott said...

One of my favourite gigs was seeing Llloyd Cole at Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry a few years back. Perfect Skin is as close to musical perfection as you get.