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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pansy Melodic Underground

Mark Wynn, motormouth from York, is back with a new e.p. called The New Pansy Melodic Underground, available at Bandcamp and at name your own price. One of the best things about Mark's stuff - apart from his idiosyncratic scattergun approach and rapid fire delivery over knackered sounding guitars and the fact that his lyrics can make you laugh out loud and sometimes you have to rewind them to check what you just think you heard- is that the physical copies come with hand drawn leaflets and pamphlets (like the one above). The latest cd comes with a copy of Dirty Work #7. My favourite one off this e.p. is Cassie Ramone Dream Song #2, slower than some of the others, featuring something akin to a guitar solo and some ooh-ooh-ooh backing vocals. Like The Minutemen his songs are all really short, another one due any second soon, rattling by in a blur. Try him out.

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