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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Reason For Living

I heard this Roddy Frame song somewhere on the internet recently, from his 1998 album The North Star. I sort of meant to get it at the time and never got around to it and still don't own it today- and looking at various online marketplaces it isn't cheap. I'll start keeping an eye out for it in the second hand shops I frequent.

The song is a good 'un- lovely guitars and a cracking vocal. I sometimes think that Roddy clearly writes great songs and sings and plays them really well but sometimes it's just a bit too tasteful, too Sunday supplement, that he needs a bit of roughness in the production or to play with musicians that can't play that well as the session people he chooses. I like this one though- it chimes and rings and lifts and does what good guitar pop should do.

Reason For Living


drew said...

Great song from a very good album. My favourite is Bigger, Brighter Better

Didn't realise that it was as expensive!

Charity Chic said...

Good luck Adam - people who buy records of this quality rarely part with them

Scott said...

Great song from my fave Roddy solo release. Don't know if you have a FOPP near you Adam but I picked one up a few months ago for £3.99 in Glasgow's FOPP.

Swiss Adam said...

Of course! FOPP! We've got one in town. I'm on it as soon as I can be.