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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Timperley Sunset

Sorry about the delay- I got caught up in a few family things and went out for tea and suffered the slowest service known to man.

Earlier on though-Panic on the streets of Timperley! The police turned up and closed the roads, the Mayor of Trafford spoke ('Frank wasn't a Tory!', someone shouted as he spoke. It took all my self control not to shout 'Trafford council cutting disabled children's respite, Tory scum'). Hordes of people milling and watching, Chris Sievey's family, scooter clubs arrived, fans with papier mache heads, a brass band and then the statue unveiled from within a shed. We'll have to return to get some decent photos without all the crowds. In the meantime here's Timperley Sunset...


Artog said...

I'm always in favour of more statues and Frank is a particularly worthy recipient of the honour. It all looks great and I'll be up there as soon as is practicable, which is probably not that soon at all. Open hostilities have broken out between me and the in laws and I can't see it all being over by Christmas.

Swiss Adam said...

A Christmas truce perhaps, meeting up in no man's land?