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Saturday, 19 October 2013


On this Saturday morning in October, for no reason other than it came to mind last night, I present to you.... the greatest techno record ever made.

This is the unreleased mix of String Of Life, as available on the superb Retro Techno/Detroit Definitive: Emotions Electric lp, one of dance music's essential texts. This is not techno with banging repetitive beats (not that there's anything wrong with that, in the right time and place), nor a slightly dated late 80s club anthem. This is electronic music as food for the soul, machine music for a future that never quite materialised. As the subtitle of the album said 'Emotions Electric'- and without vocals too.

Derrick May's borrowed piano loop, some wood block percussion, some twinkly bits, some synth string stabs. The sum of the parts...

Strings Of Life (Unreleased Mix)

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Walter said...

Great stuff to start the day Adam