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Sunday, 13 October 2013


Here I am, a few hours later than usual for a Sunday and with a slightly sore head. Last night was a blast, even though someone did bring The Birdie Song and expect it to be played. I suspect there could be people all over Sheffield this morning thinking 'he didn't play my record last night' but everyone seemed to have a good time. The charity shops of south Yorkshire have sold out of 7" singles. The Cramps cleared the floor completely, whoosh, everyone scattered. And I have a pile of singles that could be labelled 'extremely camp'.

I need something mellow and soothing before I have to lug all the gear back to the loft and start to put my records away. This is Chris Helme's cover version of Irma Thomas' Anyone Who Knows What Love (Will Understand), both mellow and soothing.

Something a bit odd is going on- my readership and page view stats have quadrupled over the last two days with no obvious reason. Can't see where all these extra readers have come from. But Hello anyway, whoever you all are.


George said...

don't let this success go to your head. Remember your roots!

Anonymous said...

that sudden boost in stats happened to me for two days the other week. no obvious reason why. and then it disappeared again.

Swiss Adam said...

I'm a bit suspicious of it- got more than 2000 views on Saturday.

Swiss Adam said...

George- I will never forget my roots or the people that helped me get to the lofty position I now find myself in.

George said...

Good. Now send all those viewers over to me!!!