Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday 14 March 2021

In God's Waiting Room Again

This has come around quickly, David Holmes back in the NTS radio kiosk with two hours of music for March- the usual/ unusual spread of the cosmic, the cinematic, the psychedelic and the dubbed. This one includes several current Bagging Area favourites- Richard Norris, Jane Weaver, a superb new ten minute instrumental from Mat Ducasse I've been meaning to post- and Utuba, a beautiful Beaumont Hannant track from 1994.

Utuba (Reprised Version)

Listen to God's Waiting Room at Mixcloud. Full tracklist from NTS here


Khayem said...

Looking forward to hearing the mix, but a big thanks for highlighting the Beaumont Hannant song. I think I've got the original EP that this was on and bought several releases on GPR back in the mid-90s, usually because there was an accompanying Beaumont Hannant remix. His remixes of Autechre & Ned's Atomic Dustbin were also something else.

Rickyotter said...

In my youth, I got my techno education being served by the brilliant Beaumont Hannant from over the counter at the sadly missed Red Rhino Records in York. He always looked a little sheepish when you went in and bought one of his own EP's, bless him. His Tastes And Textures series and his two Textureology albums are highly recommended

Swiss Adam said...

That's brilliant Rickyotter- love him being sheepish about selling his own releases.