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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Lonely Places

My love of Ripley Johnson's excursions is well documented here with Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips making multiple appearances. Ripley's third ongoing musical outlet is Rose City Band, a chilled, choogly, cosmic country outfit. He's written and recorded a new album called Earth Trip, a response to lockdown and the changes Covid brought to all of us. Ripley rediscovered the joy of nature and of being outside, reconnecting with the simple pleasures- hiking, walking in the wide open spaces (wider and more open in the West Coast of the USA than here in North West England admittedly). Lonely Places is here

There are two previous Rose City Band albums, a self titled one from 2019 and Summerlong from 2020, both full of blissed out songs, 70s grooves, nimble guitar lines and a kind of melancholic euphoria, country & psychedelia. This one from the debut back is a very spaced out affair with a guitar part beamed in from a Crazy Horse record and a beatific, stoned haze. You get the feeling it could easily have gone on much, much longer. 

Fog Of Love

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