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Monday, 29 March 2021

Monday's Long Song

I think it was The Swede who determined that for a song to be considered long it should be over six minutes in length. This new one from Herrmann Kristoferson is six minutes and seven seconds so sneaks in but regardless of length it is a moody and elegiac piece of music. Gone Gold is the title track from an album due out in April, beautifully put together, all subtle rhythms, pulsing synths and serene strings. It's very good indeed. 

Herrmann Kristoferson are an ambient techno duo from Germany and Denmark, Daniel Herrmann and Kristina Kristoferson. They made the album remotely during Covid restrictions, inspired by computer games of the past, Nintendo Gameboys and Multi User Dungeons. The limited edition cassette of the album has sold out (I 'm not sure music like this is best served by that format) but the digital release is at Bandcamp. Three minutes and thirty seconds longer than Gone Gold is a remix by GLOK (Andy Bell, a repeat postee here in recent times), yet another piece of evidence that Andy Bell is in a musical purple patch. Bass and hissing synths and more of those strings pulling at the heartstrings. The GLOK remix is only available on the digital version of the album. Find it here


Rickyotter said...

That tune is really rather lovely and the GLOK remix just affirms the notion that everything Andy Bell has done over the last few years has been nothing short of bloody marvellous. I am sensing a nautical theme to your last few photos Adam, love how your images always seem to work with and enhance the music

Swiss Adam said...

The boats in the photos are a tribute to the one blocking the Suez canal, sadly freed today. I've been hoping that while walking on our local towpath that I might find one completely across the canal in the style of the Ever Given but no joy so far.