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Monday, 8 March 2021

Monday's Long Song

The Utopia Strong, an experimental ambient/ krautrock/ spacerock/ electronic trio have just released a two track album called Ninth Art, one song per side of the vinyl release (now sold out but still available digitally at Bandcamp). Side A has the nineteen minute ambient noise excursion The Keeper, a track which eventually surfaces into melodies and arpeggios and then into a phase of drift, chanting and then noise again. Side B, On Stygian Ferry, is slightly longer, lots more ambient noise and drones, a calmer and more tranquil ride. All in all an immersive experience. 

This one from 2019, Strange Altar, is a ten minute psychedelic journey, synths, guitar and woodwind. And yes, you're right, one of the members of The Utopia Strong is Steve Davis, former snooker player, the man who dominated world snooker in the 1980s. 


drew said...

I love the Utopia Strong releases and have managed to bag all three of the limited edition 12"/albums? but I'm not sure I can really justify the cost of these. Again, exclusivity raises it's head here. I understand that the record sleeves are all hand printed and as much a work of art as a record and yes have that side of it but what about a non hand painted, bog standard companion 12" that those either unable or unwilling to spend over 30 quid on what is essentially two tracks can get the pleasure of playing. To me music should be something that brings people together not turn them into haves and have nots

The Swede said...

I particularly liked The Keeper.

Swiss Adam said...

I agree Drew. Part of me likes the effort these releases make, the artistic sleeves etc but I often find myself looking for the standard black vinyl release. It creates a demand I guess and ensures these releases sell out but it leaves a bit of a nasty taste in the mouth sometimes too. Art and commerce.

Swede- I was thinking you might like these.