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Monday 22 March 2021

Monday's Long Song

William Orbit's career took him from early 80s synth act Torch Song to a wonderful album in 1990 as Bass- O- Matic and a series of solo albums titled Strange Cargo (I, II and III). After that he moved into production and remixes for the big players- Madonna, Prince, Britney et al. Strange Cargo III in 1993 was a tour de force of Balearic and ambient dance- pop, layers of FX and chugging rhythms led by Water From A Vine Leaf (featuring the voice of Beth Orton), seven minutes of tropical rainforest/ electronic ambience. 

Water From A Vine Leaf

The Underworld remixes of Water From A Vine Leaf are superb but I've posted them before. This one is a throbbing, uptempo remix by Spooky, driving and bit trancey and none the worse for it.  

Water From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix) 


drew said...

I was playing his interpretation of Adagio for Strings on Friday and nearly put this on too before I got distracted

Nick L said...

Was quite a big fan of Beth Orton at one time and so it was great to hear this again, thanks.

Swiss Adam said...

I nearly posted Adaggio Drew but once I play water From A Vine Leaf I get semi- obsessed with it for a while.

Craig said...

Loved this one of the standouts on an album of amazing tracks from that time - Sasha and Digweeds Northern Exposure