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Sunday, 4 April 2021


It's Easter Sunday, the blossom's blossoming, the sun has been out, we can have another family or up to six people from different households in our gardens- the world is our oyster (and the cynic in me could easily follow that with Paul Weller's line from When You're Young about how 'your future's a clam' but let's stick with being optimistic for the duration of this post at least). This track is a Kenneth Bager remix of Mancunian Ruf Dug's Dominica from his 2014 album, an album written on the island of Guadeloupe drawing musical  lines between Manchester and Ibiza. Bager's remix with found sounds (seagulls, waves lapping, boats gently tugging at ropes) and warm synth stabs, a lazy bass part and some woodwind is very chilled and also very abstract, barely even a song any more, more a moment turned into sound. 

Dominica (Kenneth Bager's Sunset Ambient Mix)

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