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Wednesday 28 April 2021

How Does It Feel?

How does it feel? is one of music's great questions- yesterday's postee Bob Dylan famously asked it in 1966, 'to be on your own/ like a complete unknown/ like a rolling stone?' Mod art- rockers The Creation asked how it feels to feel. In 1983 New Order wanted to know how it feels to treat me like you do. In 1989 Spacemen 3 asked it too, in typical style asking it over and over, part of a dark and trippy hymn to feeling- 'we could make love and live as one/ and burn our fingers on the sun/ so tell me, how does it feel?' Pete Kember in 1989 asking a question which sounds like it's about love but is just as likely about drugs. 

How Does It Feel?

This re- edit from the good people at Paisley Dark appeared a few days ago, an eight minute re- edit by Jesse Fahnestock, available at Bandcamp for free/ pay what you like. How Does It Feel? (1040's Terrace Moonshine Dub) stretches the original out and strips it down, a slow down and wait reworking. 


Charity Chic said...

With a slight tweak can I add Lou Reed's How Do You Think it Feels to the list

Jake Sniper said...

Can I add Slade's How Does It Feel, a great track.

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, good shouts both.

jesseblack said...

Thanks for posting this! If you don't mind me sharing my own music in the comments, people can find my recent album here:


(It's on all the streaming services, etc. at well, but the album is also free to download on bandcamp).

Khayem said...

How Does It Make You Feel? by Air ft. Junior Delgado (Adrian Sherwood Remix, natch) also worth a mention.

I'm enjoying the 10:40 remix and got sidetracked into discovering and purchasing further Paisley Dark releases by Dan Wainwright.

Thanks also to Jesse for the All Of Us link. I listened to some snippets, liked what I heard and bought the album.

Luckily it was pay day Friday, but some great music to enjoy this bank holiday weekend.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Jesse, plenty there to explore.
Khayem- Dan's stuff is really good.