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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Endless Hours

A new Daniel Avery was announced this week, following 2020's pair- Illusion Of Time made with Alessandro Cortini and the lockdown produced Love + Light (not to mention the Lone Swordsman single and they all came on the back of 2018's Song For Alpha). The album, Together In Static, is tied in to a performance (socially distanced of course) at Hackney Church in May, a matinee and evening sitting. Once he started preparing for the shows and making new music ahead of them the album grew a life of its own- eleven tracks led by this one, Endless Hours. Austere, intense, emotive ambient techno, subtly shifting synths and rattling drums. The album in various formats and bundles can be bought here


C said...

Perfect photo for the music SA. I'm trying to work out what it is - appreciat that it is probably quite small but teasing myself with the idea that it is the side of a strange Brutalist building with balconies, and someone in a white Tshirt standing in the doorway of the top one!

Swiss Adam said...

It's a wall in front of the CIS Tower in Manchester. Concrete wall with reliefs on it. Been trying to find out who the artist is. I'm sure someone at Manchester Modernist Society could help me.