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Sunday 18 April 2021

Rainy Season

My internet friend/ Balearic overlord Dr Rob tipped me off to this, a new album from Chris Coco. Jamu is six tracks long and inspired by the island of Bali. The music was made in lockdown, the tracks passed around a group of friends, each playing their parts based on the original grooves and soundscapes, building on what the person before had added. At the end Chris edited it all together. It's been the soundtrack to my evening walks this week, the light lasting a little later, the crescent moon very bright and low in the sky and a welcome distraction from all the nonsense life and work sends your way. The album is here. Album opener Rainy Season is an immersive experience (especially through headphones), voices scattered in the mix with traditional instruments and ambient sounds. 


Khayem said...

Great stuff, I'm heading off to check the album. Still enjoying last month's Lagrimas De San Lorenzo (& remixes), but Rainy Season is a different vibe again. The post title has also prompted me to dig out Rainy Season (& the Jerky Versions Of The Dream album) by Howard Devoto.

Jake Sniper said...

I'll have to check it out, I was listening to Next Wave yesterday, whilst continuing to sort the back garden. Which has some very nice tracks on it, it was a sunny day which adds to an album of that nature.

Walter said...

I didn't knew that there is something new out by Chris Coco since his last release a couple of years ago. And I have to admit that he made a superb record that made my day. Thank you for introducing Adam.