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Sunday, 3 February 2019

February's Not For Everyone

Andrew Weatherall's monthly session of musical exploration/bank balance busting beats is back to warm you up during this cold spell. Tracklist here.  After a very long opener the second song is by Denis Wise (not the unpleasant one who played for Wimbledon and Chelsea in the 90s but the ambient/experimental tape pioneer). There's a new song from Weatherall, Cosmonautrix, a repetitive and echo-laden earworm about to appear on a Rocket Girl compilation, loads of spacey, experimental cosmisch and a generous helping of dub. Dig in.


The Swede said...

A few minutes into the first long Vladimir Tarasov tune and I've already nipped over to eMusic to make the purchase. I've got a feeling this is going to be an expensive one.

keepingitpeel said...

My old mate Andy making his debut on here. Glad you've discovered him.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes, Peelie, he's a promising newcomer. I have high hopes.

Yes, Swede, that opener is good isn't it.

JakeSniper said...

These crazy kids and their music. Totally agree, lovely opener.