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Monday, 25 February 2019

Monday's Long Song

Not sure any words are needed to go with this piece of music from Spectrum in 1994, one of Sonic Boom's post-Spacemen 3 masterpieces (from the album Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows). If you like loops, space echo guitars, phasing and a general, gentle sense of being set adrift, this is for you.

If you'd like something more abstract, just ten minutes of wobbly drones then this one from 1993 may be your cup of tea.

Ecstasy In Slow Motion


The Swede said...

I used to own 'Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows', but a quick scan of the shelves shows that I don't have it anymore. When and where did it go? I've no idea, but 'Then I Just Drifted Away' sounds not unlike a lot of the spaced-out psych stuff I still listen to these days. Excellent.

Swiss Adam said...

There's a recent vinyl re-issue which is repeatedly making my trigger finger twitch.