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Saturday 8 May 2021

It's About Time The Sun Comes Up

It's a month since I last posted anything by Andrew Weatherall and that's too long a gap. Time for a remix, seven minutes of bliss and wide eyed abandon, the aural equivalent of sunrise after a night out that you don't want to end. Brisbane's Confidence Man, a male- female duo who make day glo, straight up, electro/ indie dance for nightclubs and festivals, released Out Of The Window in 2018, a poppy tribute to a night out that never ends and lyrics celebrating the joys of hedonism- 'It's about time the sun comes up/ We don't wanna believe it/ Seven hours later I'm still up/ I can't really see us sleeping'. 

Weatherall presses play on the steam powered drum machine, isolates and repeats extracts of the vocal, pulls in a gorgeous Hawaiian guitar lick, adds a pulsing synth topline and sends everything into 'euphoric chugger' mode, circling round a couple of key vocal phrases, one being the  'Slow down, carry me home/ Lights out, arms open wide/ Exhale, step inside' part. When the beautiful, rising ecstatic/ melancholic chord sequence hits at five minutes thirty it's almost too much to take but then the multi- tracked vocals take over to carry us home, 'try to free my mind/ I only want a good time...'

Out Of The Window (Andrew Weatherall Remix)


keepingitpeel said...

About time! I've been banging on constantly that you don't post enough of the late great Whetherall.

Swiss Adam said...

It was my concern for you keepingitpeel that made me panic slightly that I hadn't posted anything by him for a month.

Khayem said...

Don't leave it so long next time, Adam! I love Weatherall's remix of Bubblegum, didn't realise that he'd done this one also. Majestic.

acidted said...

Oooh, hadn't heard this one before. Nice.

Swiss Adam said...

Glad you two have heard it Khayem and Ctel. The joy of blogging eh?