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Monday 17 May 2021

Monday's Long Song

How about an unofficial dub version of Loaded to start the week? Peter Fonda starting us off with his speech sampled from The Wild Angels, 'We want to be free... we wanna get loaded, we wanna have a good time', but then he gets slowed dooooown to a halt. A melodica floats in and the skank takes over. There are some 'na na nas' towards the end. No idea who is responsible for this but I'm glad they did it. 

Loaded Chalice

Edit: Jake (and Discogs) agree that the artist behind this is Nuffwish. 


Jake Sniper said...

I first heard this after AW's passing. I really like it, the copy i have has the name Nuffwish to it.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Jake- Nuffwish is the credited person/ people at Discogs. Song titled Loaded Chalice.

The Swede said...

I'm not familiar with this at all - excellent stuff.

Khayem said...

Thanks for sharing, Adam, great start to the week.