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Thursday, 27 May 2021


A bit of change of pace and sound to what I've been posting recently- here's some modern Tropicalia from Rodrigo Amarante, a song from an album called Drama due in July. Brazilian born, Los Angeles based and a member of Los Hermanos (Brazilian band, operating sporadically) and Little Joy (an 00s supergroup with Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes) Amarante has been making and performing music for years. His upbringing close to the Equator left him 'suffocated by the eternal summer'- which may be the case but in a country currently starved of sunshine and warmth this song, Maré, sounds like summer bottled. Acoustic guitars, Brazilian rhythms, some jaunty whistling, vintage radio waves and synths, toy piano and those almost mournful horns. Love that yellow coat he's wearing in the video too. 


Anonymous said...

I'm late to this. I'm often put off by contemporary revisionist jazz/world music style artist, they often end up sounding like The Lighthouse Family. Here you are right on it, the toy piano and brass take this track out of the ordinary.

Swiss Adam said...

I suspect that may be the only time The Lighthouse Family get mentioned at this blog.