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Monday, 10 May 2021

Monday Mix

I did another mix for Scotland's Tak Tent Radio and it went out yesterday from their nerve centre. I put it together back in March when the days were shorter and I seemed to spend a lot of time walking round in the dark after work- seems a bit gloomy now that it's May and the evenings are lighter much later. At first I intended it to be a fully ambient/ drone mix, partly because I was listening to a lot of ambient music in my headphones while walking and partly because I'd just begun reading Harry Sword's book, Monolithic Undertow, a history and appreciation of the drone from Neolithic times to the present day (highly recommended if you haven't read it) but I got twenty five minutes into the mix and thought we needed some drums (and a voice or two too). Tak Tent Radio is here, loads of great stuff to listen to. Bagging Area Tak Tent Three is at Mixcloud. Tracklist below. 

Tak Tent Three

  • Luke Schneider: Anteludium
  • Daniel Avery: Tremor
  • A Winged Victory For The Sullen: The Dead Outnumber The Living
  • Richard Norris: Hilma
  • Craven Faults: Cupola Smelt Mill
  • Pye Corner Audio: Quarry Rave
  • Herrmann Kristoferson: Gone Gold
  • Ruf Dug: Dominica (Kenneth Bager’s Sunset Ambient Mix)
  • Andrew Weatherall and Michael Smith: Estuary Embers
  • Art Of Noise: Moments In Love
  • Cheval Sombre: It’s Not Time
  • Vangelis/ Blade Runner: Pris Meets JF Sebastian 
  • Vangelis/ Blade Runner: Spinner Ascent


Anonymous said...

Adam, your meditation on the drone is very moving. Also thanks for the tip on Harry Sword's book. I will investigate more. I've always loved the drone in some of my favourite music for example in the Velvets, in the mighty Suicide and I've always thought A.C.R's debut 'All Night Party/Thin Boys' was a drone classic. 'Melody is so overrated', ha! In fact now I'm hearing the drone in everything!

Swiss Adam said...

Glad you enjoyed it SRC. ACR's Winter Hill is another northern drone masterpiece.