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Sunday 30 May 2021

When All This Is Over

A new Bagging Area mix for Sunday, an optimistic sounding one now that the days are getting longer and the summer seems to be just round the corner. A lot of these songs have been posted here recently individually but they sounded good together. I'm not sure there's a huge amount of cause for optimism with the continuing, ceaseless flow of bad news, bad government and virus rates increasing but maybe it's best to turn the news channel off for a while and unplug. It's at Mixcloud, it won't embed but you can find it here

As the voice says in the opening Coyote song, 'when all this is over.... I plan to go north...' 

  • Coyote: Café Con Leche
  • Private Agenda: Malanai Ascending (Seahawks Remix)
  • Chris Coco: Rainy Season
  • Reinhard Vanbergen and Charlotte Carulaerts: Julien
  • Primal Scream: Inner Flight
  • Justin Deighton and Leo Zero: I Feel Edit
  • Cantoma: The Mountain (Lexx Remix)
  • HiFi Sean Ft. Yoko Ono: In Love With Life
  • A Certain Ratio: Berlin (album version)
  • Coyote: Feedback Valley
  • Future Beat Alliance: Birth (Claude Young Remix)


Khayem said...

I postponed the usual R.E.M. listening over at TVV as I got the Mixcloud email prompt when I logged on this morning and thought that I had to start with this instead. As ever, Adam, a perfectly pitched selection and mix. Inner Flight sits very comfortably with the otherwise 21st century selection, doesn't it? Great work.

Jake Sniper said...

Thats my Sunday afternoon listening sorted

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Khayem, glad you enjoyed it. It all seemed to come together quite easily. Inner Flight just seemed to fit really well.

Echorich said...

Fantastic stuff! That Justin Deighton Leo Zero Edit is a monster! In fact, the entire 7s Clash series is great!

Walter said...

This mix is superb stuff and you created a perfect work-out for me today. Thank you SA

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks fellas