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Sunday 9 May 2021

Return To Life

Coyote are Timm Sure and Richard Hampson, a duo who met at the legendary Nottingham nightclub Venus in the late 80s and went on to DJ there, and then make their own music together. Their latest release is a five track EP led by a slow paced, easy going Balearic dream called Return To Life

Californian Woolfy adds vocals to two of the songs (Save Me and very laid back grooves of Wonderful).  Closing track Cafe Con Leche drops spoken word samples- 'when all this is over/ I plan to go north', a female voice says, over acoustic guitars, washes of synth and some bongos. The whole thing is available to buy here

Their album Buzzard Country, a 2020 release I missed and only began playing a few weeks ago, has a similar palette, seven songs built around dubby basslines, shuffly rhythms, Spanish guitars, pianos and shimmering synths. Last song, Feedback Valley, is especially good, a languid glide around the coast on the edge of a desert, the heat of the day pouring upwards out of the tarmac. Get it here

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Walter said...

Never heard of them before but I really enjoyed what I was listening to. Thank you for introducing them to me Adam.