Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday 10 January 2019

Big Wheel

This is Manchester three piece The Empty Page, possessors of fuzzed up melodies and a certain wracked beauty, and also blessed with having something to say. Click play, listen, cough up a quid (or fifteen for a rather nice vinyl album release here).

Guitar/drums/bass three pieces have a particular dynamic, a democratic approach to sound that twin guitar bands (either four or five pieces) don't have. The guitarist (usually also the singer) has to cover rhythm and lead, the bass is often more prominent and important and the drums get a more equal billing, it's like all three members have to do more but also have more significance- I'm thinking The Jam, Husker Du, Minutemen, Nirvana, The Jimi Hendrix Experience to some extent, Motorhead, 5:30 (remember them?).


Proper said...

My very good friends. Delightfully perfect human beings. And noisey.x

Walter said...

All you named are correct and and in their very special way they are fantastic. Love them raw sound and looking forward to see them once live.

JC said...

This is exactly my sort of shit....cheers for the heads-up.