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Wednesday 9 January 2019

Everything's Alright

I was given a Talk Talk 12" single for Christmas. Within a few days it was Mark Hollis' 64th birthday. It seems remiss of me not to post something to pay tribute to this. The 12" included this dub mix of Such A Shame from 1983 which is not essential but for some reason I really like. A very 1983 use of technology and the spare time and inches offered by the format.

Such A Shame (Dub Mix)

That led me to digging around in my physical and digital Talk Talk collection and I uncovered this.

Life's What You Make It (Extended Remix)

Again, not essential maybe- the single version of Life's What You Make It is one of those songs I will keep listening to for decades to come- but this version stretches it out and offers a different view of the song. And that's more than enough.


JC said...

Comrade Colin is a huge fan of Talk Talk. He contributed an ICA a couple of years back which causes a wee bit of division as his choices were a tad obscure.....but that's the Comrade all over!!

Oh and he's about three stone lighter from the time you met him up here in Glasgow!

Brian said...

I think I have all of the 12" singles through the Colour of Spring era. Coincidentally, I heard Talk Talk on KEXP Seattle while driving early this morning. I still haven't taken to them post 1986, but I keep trying since those I most respect in our blogging community continue to tell me I should.

Remember when we teased Colin about his menu choices at King Tut's? Sounds like he got the last laugh.

Swiss Adam said...

I see photos of him on the facebook and he looks very healthy. It may be foregoing alcohol as much as his menu decisions.

drew said...

I have never really listened to Talk Talk, may have to explore further.

Regarding the Prof, I walked straight past him last summer in Mono, didn't recognise him at all, he's looking what's the words, " well buff"? Granted I was on a mission for something in particular from Monorail but when he called to me it took a few seconds to place him, "ah! the beetroot falafel eating Professor"

C said...

Love this extended mix of LWYMI. Masses of respect for Mark Hollis and Talk Talk from me.

Echorich said...

As always, much love and much time here for anything Talk Talk or Mark Hollis.
That Dub Mix, along with it counterpart, the US Mix, are some fine early Thompson Barbiero remixes that honor the original without all the overwrought percussion that would be come the remixers calling card just a year or two later.
That Life's What You Make It remix is interesting in that the remixer is uncredited on most releases. He was Dennis Weinriech. He had worked with the Jackson 5 and in film music, but did remix and musical arrangement work in the early 80s for Blancmange, Talk Talk, Animal Nightlife and even Tom Robinson.