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Monday, 7 January 2019

Monday's Long Song

Back to work today- I know some of you will have gone back last week  and therefore won't have much sympathy but it's still a wrench. Time spent out of the grind of commuting and work is time well spent. Here's a long song to ease myself back into the work routine, a lovely chuggy seven and a half minute track from London's Apiento from spring 2017. Apiento finds a musical sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the Balearics, Belgian New Beat and deep house with a melody borrowed from further east (picture taken in Wallasey last week, not a very Balearic place at all, especially mid-winter but a decent day trip).


The Swede said...

When I see the words chug, chuggy or chugging as a descriptor in one of your posts, I know it's odds on that I'll enjoy the tune. It's certainly true in this case.

Swiss Adam said...

Sometimes I worry that i repeat myself eg use of chuggy, but it seems to fit. And be useful.

The Swede said...

I sometimes feel the same when I use the phrase 'glorious racket', but I've thus far failed to come up with a more apt one.