Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday, 27 January 2019


This is new from Richard Norris, the first fruits of his current ambient direction and label Group Mind, a gentle instrumental that drifts very nicely, drone overlaid with melody.

The shoreline above is the Atlantic, Messanges, south west France, pictured in the summer of 2017. Just in case you were wondering.


drew said...

We've decided not to go to Gurcan this year due to the shitshow and the ferry situation and everything. I am not fucking happy about it.

Adam Turner said...

We've booked to go to France by ferry in July. Hoping any significant ferry issues will be sorted by then.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and if you leave (go out of the country) they won't let you back in unless you pay 40% extra, ha! (That's an ironic and wearisome ha! by the way).